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Commission - Kigufied by RoughlyHalfofSweden Commission - Kigufied :iconroughlyhalfofsweden:RoughlyHalfofSweden 338 39 Cheers by RoughlyHalfofSweden Cheers :iconroughlyhalfofsweden:RoughlyHalfofSweden 164 9 Inflatable Boat by RoughlyHalfofSweden Inflatable Boat :iconroughlyhalfofsweden:RoughlyHalfofSweden 70 2 Commission - Paint Me by RoughlyHalfofSweden Commission - Paint Me :iconroughlyhalfofsweden:RoughlyHalfofSweden 111 9 QR: Seto Gardener by flashkill455
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QR: Seto Gardener :iconflashkill455:flashkill455 103 20
Feminization crisis: Maid to be a hero (TG) by mariek3 Feminization crisis: Maid to be a hero (TG) :iconmariek3:mariek3 98 10 Sunflowers [TG Caption] by tgworkshop Sunflowers [TG Caption] :icontgworkshop:tgworkshop 58 5 Getting Proof by TG-Cradle Getting Proof :icontg-cradle:TG-Cradle 126 8 Gamer Girl II by Meliran Gamer Girl II :iconmeliran:Meliran 93 8
The heat bore down on me as I walked through the streets of Tokyo. The weathergirl had predicted record highs today, and boy was she right! The sweat was pumping down my face, and I needed a break bad. Well, there is an arcade at the end of the street, so maybe that is air conditioned. Though is it really all right for a man my age to go into an arcade without a child?
And there I saw my salvation. For on the side of the road was parked an ice cream truck. I would have ran to it if not for the heat. Yet it was to my woe to see the line formed up in front of it. Begrudgingly, I took my place in line and waited in the heat.
To my luck, nobody else really came behind me during this, so I had a nice breeze to cool me off. Well, except for one little girl. But she was so short, it really didn't matter.
"Next!" called the ice cream man. I walked to the window.
"I'll take two ice pops!" I said with a smile.
"That'll be 300 yen," said the ice cream man. I handed over a couple coins and he went
:iconmeliran:Meliran 48 2
Swimming for Life
Look, I don’t have much time to tell you my story, but I need to.
It was about five years ago that I heard about a man who went by the name of “Mr. Satan.” Of course, the name alone should have been a tipoff to me about his true nature, but I had too much of an ego at the time to even consider him a threat.
Mr. Satan offered all people in town a challenge. They could challenge him in anything they pleased. It could be sports, a game, or even just a competition to see who could take a longer nap. If the person won, they would be given any one wish they wanted. And if they lost, they would be forced to grant any one wish that Mr. Satan wanted.
At first I was skeptical. How could a man change everything for a wish? But I was wrong. Almost immediately after the challenge, regular houses were turned into mansions, and many new politicians made their way into office.
I smiled. If this guy was that easy, then I’d go have a bit of fun myself. I walked down to the town s
:iconmeliran:Meliran 66 7
Excess Baggage Brother to Essential Luggage Sister
Jack is a total menace, an excess baggage to simplify it. His sister, Mavis have been reminding to change one attribute of him that always causes problem to everybody, that is showing up out of no where, asking people to bail him out from a shitty crisis and then vanished without a trace once the problem have been solved.
The most recent one was him putting ruins to one of Mavis work, where in an important online game tournament, she had to resign from the tournament just to bail him out again. Worst of all, that tournament was a critical tournament that will help her to qualify to the world championship of the game "Soul Tablets", an online trading card game that she have been playing for a while.
Mavis did bail Jack out, along with harsh lecture and scolding which Jack shrugged off with his easy going attitude and poker face display. This added salt to her wounds which was caused by the lost for qualifying to the world finals of "Soul Tablets" organized by Hurricane Games, the compan
:icontravisswan:travisswan 52 3
Just a kiss
“Hey, have you ever noticed that about Alli?” asked Geoff, sitting next to me.
“Huh?” I asked.
He pointed to the clock. 1:00 PM. “What about it?” I asked.
“Every day, she leaves the lunch room at exactly 1:00 PM. Sometimes it’s casual, and sometimes she’s running, like she’s late! I think she’s up to something.”
I shrugged. “Our class is in five minutes, so maybe she’s just going early? Or maybe she just really needs to take care of her natural needs at this time.”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” laughed Geoff. “Nobody is that precise in going to the bathroom!”
I sighed. “I know what you’re up to. Fine. How much?”
“Fifteen bucks,” he said with a smirk.
“Fine, deal,” I said. Fifteen bucks to follow a girl around was a bit of a steal. Call me a sellout if you would, but this guy here has given me at least three hundred dollars this year
:iconmeliran:Meliran 78 3
Some Guide by TG-Cradle Some Guide :icontg-cradle:TG-Cradle 209 23 CMSN - Martini Transformation by RisingFang CMSN - Martini Transformation :iconrisingfang:RisingFang 413 13 Cute Twin Sister by PKAngel Cute Twin Sister :iconpkangel:PKAngel 95 5



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